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Periscope Studios releases Christmas song by Usry & Sons for charity

12/19/2017 12:46 pm ET

Just in time for Christmas, Usry & Sons bring you the holiday single “Time for Santa to Ride.” This new Christmas song from the Covington, Georgia natives may be what we all need during these tumultuous times. The song is a fresh take on the holiday tradition, Santa’s Ride.

Earl Usry, a veteran musician with years of experience as a successful touring musician and session player, is the principal songwriter, with a little help from his band mates. Handling the drums is Earl’s son, veteran and Berkeley student Mack Usry. Rounding up the trio is Cody Usry, a virtuoso on the guitar who adds a lot of the rock feel to their music.

The trio they have come together to craft a rocking Christmas feel good song to save us from hearing the same Christmas songs again. Usry & Sons have released two LPs with the next one due out in early 2018 entitled The Girl with the Sun in her Hair. “Time to Ride “ was recorded at Periscope Studios in Atlanta and Mack’s spot in Covington. The song was mixed by grammy nominated producer Karl Heilbron and out now on Periscope Recordings.

Proceeds to benefit the Atlanta Food Bank.

Atlanta based recording Engineer Producer.

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January 2018 Album Review

By Gary Proctor

Earl Usry, a seasoned performer and writer, poetically touching on the love of family & friends as well as social & political issues of the day, working with his sons, who are among some of the finest musicians currently performing.  In June 1986, Usry turned down a recording contract from Richard Foos, then President of Rhino Records, to care for his family.  He was 33 and had performed on various circuits since 14, writing poetry, songs and fronting bands as a vocalists and bass, guitar and keys player.  He also put in time as a studio musician at Wishbone and Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL, and Master Sound, Cheshire Sound and Wolf Studios in Atlanta.  He then raised his twins.  In 2015 the children digitized some of his old recordings, spiking his interest in writing again.  By 2016 he began recording with his sons and now has over 100 songs written, three albums released, and a fourth ready to release.

Their first album, Music’s Our Bidness …and Bidness is Bidness! released December 9, 2016, is both a Classic Rock & Progressive Pop collection of exciting up-tempo songs blended with superb ballads, all featuring solid writing, insightful poetry, stunningly good musicianship, & wonderful harmonies reminiscent of the Beatles. It’s new, a bit different, and a treat for both ears and the soul.

With the release of their second album, Workin’da Bidness, this unique family of gifted songwriting and musical expertise explore light-hearted political satire (Make America Great Again), reflections on relationships (How Long), social issues (Just Believe), reflections of a child’s imagination (Cowboy) and a salute to their favorite NFL team (Rise Up).  A wonderful follow-up to their first album, it was released in August 2017. 

In January 2018, Usry & Sons released their third and signature album, "The Girl with the Sun in her Hair, and Songs of the Imagination."  One simply must listen to this masterpiece!  Beginning with the album's namesake, "Girl with the Sun in her Hair," featuring inspiring poetry presented in a uniquely written ballad with amazing Latin-style guitar.  Followed with their catchy Pop Rock tune, “Alexandria” and then jumping into their Rock Concerto - "Don't Get Caught," the album takes the listener on a musical voyage with poetry that produces both visual imagery and stirring, thought provoking emotional responses.  The journey continues through exciting Rock oriented songs featuring recurring riffs that bring smiles and toe-tapping energy, and always the emotional poetry expressed with catchy melodies, performed by a seasoned & powerful vocalist with harmonies reminiscent of The Beatles.  The stunning Rock Ballad, "Soon," expertly slows the emotions as the listener reflects on the story of a couple's life together. Then the Rockabilly classic, "Rachel," a fun-filled song, releases the tension.  Incredible Indie Rock/Rock Classics follow, including their amazing first single taken from the album, "Empty Heart," currently enjoying spins on iHeart Radio.  Streaming fans have embraced “Her Life,” a stirring & masterfully written lyrical poem celebrating and supporting women’s strengths, set to a haunting beat and recurring harmonic guitar and bass riff coupled with unforgettable melodic lines.  The 10-song album concludes with "Girl with the Sun in her Hair Reprise," which flows into the powerful "Stay True to Myself," a stunning musical work of art complete with heart-wrenching poetry.

With well over 100 songs written, their fourth & fifth albums will release soon.  Usry has also written a Rock Opera-Symphony, “The Road Goes Ever On” which the band hopes to have recorded by year’s end.