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MusicTone-Papa Usry Remembers

Papa Usry remembers... The 16-track master tape of his early songs recorded with The Boys, Atlanta GA, has been recently found.  The delicate process of recovering the tracks from this long-stored tape will soon begin, with hopes to re-release this album early next year.




Tinderbox Music Report
Usry & Sons 3rd Album - The Girl with the Sun in her Hair and Songs of the Imagination
Non-Commercial Radio Campaign - July 23 thru Sept 3, 2018 (August 2018)
*Special note: 84% of all participating stations permanently added the album to their library
Stn City St Spins
CFBX Kamloops BC Light
CHMR St. Johns NF Light
CJUM Winnipeg Man Light
KAFM Grand Junction CO Light
KCR San Diego CA Light
KDUR Durango CO Light
KEUL Girdwood AK Light
KIDE Hoopa CA Light
KKCR Hanalei HI Light
KLCZ Lewiston ID Light
KMNR Rolla MO Light
KMUD Redway CA Light
KNSU Thibodaux LA Light
KOPN Columbia MO Light
KPFT Houston TX Heavy Medium Medium Med/Hvy
KRFC Fort Collins CO Light
KRFP Moscow ID Light
KSCL Shreveport LA Light
KSSU Sacramento CA Light
KTCV Kennewick WA Lte/Med
KUWS Superior WI Light
KVMR Nevada City CA Light
KVNF Paonia CO Light
KWLC Decorah IA Light
KWUR St. Louis MO Light
KZMU Moab UT Light        
MET Denver CO Light
SCAD-Atlanta Atlanta    GA    Light
WAPS Akron OH Light
WCFM Williamstown MA Light
WCVF Fredonia NY Light Medium Medium Medium
WDCV Carlisle PA Light
WGLS Glassboro NJ Light
WICB Ithaca NY Light
WIDR Kalamazoo MI Light
WITR Rochester NY Light
WKKL West Barnstable MA Light
WLAS Newton MA Light
WLFR Galloway NJ Light
WLJS Jacksonville AL Light
WMCO New Concord OH Light
WMUL Huntington WV Med/Hvy
WMXM Lake Forest IL Light
WNIA Rocky Mount NC Medium Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy
WOJB Hayward WI Light
WPTS Pittsburgh PA Light
WRBB Boston MA Light
WRBC Lewiston ME Light
WRKC Wilkes-Barre PA Light
WRRC Lawrenceville NJ Medium Med/Hvy Med/Hvy Med/Hvy Medium Medium
WRTC Hartford CT Light
WSUM Madison WI Light
WSYC Shippensburg PA Light
WTCC Springfield MA Medium Medium Medium Lt/Med Lt/Med
WUDR Dayton OH Light
WVIA Pittston PA Light
WWUH West Hartford CT Light
WXAV Chicago IL Light
*data provided by Tinderbox Music


Tinderbox Music recently announced the licensing of the entire album from Usry & Sons titled The Girl with the Sun in her Hair, and Songs of the Imagination.  Their third album (as always, 10 songs), aka Usry & Sons III, is a breakthrough project on a caliber with the great Rock albums of the past.  The album sets a mood and tells a story, with solid Rock tunes featuring recurring guitar riffs with amazing hooks, great rhythm section work between the drums and bass, and vocals with intertwined harmonies that grabs one's attention and holds it.  To balance this truly exceptional collection of Rock tunes are three beautiful ballads exceptionally performed by Professor Usry and his sons.  As we have all come to expect, the songs are of a quality seldom found in today's commercialized and format driven songs, with rich melody lines, creative chord progressions, and poetic lyrics that reach deep - inspiring, enlightening, illuminating and challenging.

Following a successful 2018 Fall campaign to college radio stations around the country, Tinderbox Music announced unusually high plays of the entire album, and off the charts spins of the single, Empty Heart, and at an unusually high number of college radio stations. The success of the album led to it being licensed to The Discovery Network, The Discovery Partners Network, Fox Sports and PBS.