Usry & Sons


Changing Course

by Usry & Sons

Released 03/29/2019
Periscope Recordings
Released 03/29/2019
Periscope Recordings
A different sound, different approach to social and political statements, with tongue in cheek poetic lyrics and uniquely creative songwriting, presenting catchy songs that are fun listening while delivering real lyrics.

Usry & Sons
Earl Usry


Written as a celebration of my retirement from AT&T after 34 years


Changing Course

Earl Usry



I’m changing course … A storm’s ahead

I’ll just avoid … What we all dread


A battleship … Would surely sink

At least that’s what … I think I think


Been obvious … For two years now

And even I … Could see somehow


There’s better ways … To make a change

And I don’t like … A firing range


Chorus            I’m settin’ course for white sandy beaches

Fillin’ my days with the dreams that make me strong

I paid my dues for years, I’ve paid my taxes

I’ve paid my way but you can come along


Despite what you think, life’s been good to me

I’ve always made the best of what’s come along

It’s in the way you think (thank), the way you live your life

And when you figure it out, life’s a song…


So changing course … To avoid a storm

I’m not a guy … That you reform


Don’t need the things … You’ve got to sale

But you can bet … I will prevail


Call me a lib … I could care less

Such shallow thought … I’m not impressed


You listen to … Those talkin’ heads

Their mind’s are starved … They should be fed



Usry & Sons
Earl Usry


Social commentary on using the young Dreamers as political pawns, and the state of the 2018 politics in the US.



Earl Usry



Standing at the gates of promise, 

Do you hear the voice of doubt?

Another step to bring us closer together, 

Why would you listen to their frantic shouts?


Ya read another meme on the FaceBook, 

Take propaganda as the truth.

Then listen to the world’s pathological liar

Tell you facts are just fake news.


CHORUS          Don’t ask why,   

Makes me wanna cry

                        When scared, young Dreamers, ask why, oh why!


Ya claim again that he’s the answer, 

Ya pass along their hate filled memes.

Ya know they’re lies but you keep denying, 

You’re better than this, you’re better than them!


Ya say you want a real solution, 

But make excuses for their hate-filled sins.

And tell me that he’s just what was needed, 

A braggin’ fool tweeting nothing but him.


CHORUS          Don’t ask why, 

                        Makes me wanna cry

                        When scared, young Dreamers, ask why, oh why!


We were standing at the gates of promise. 

But all you heard were their screams of doubt.

Should have covered your ears from those hate-filled smears, 

Now you’ll have to find your own way out


CHORUS          Don’t ask why, 

                        Makes me wanna cry

                        When scared, young Dreamers, ask why, oh why!

The Girl with the Sun in her Hair and Songs of the Imagination

by Usry & Sons

Released 01/19/2018
Periscope Recordings
Released 01/19/2018
Periscope Recordings
Alt Rock, Pop Rock, Classic Rock of unique, creative songs, driving Rockers and beautiful ballads with emotional melodies backed with superb harmonies, poetic lyrics of social and political themes, as well as a celebration of love and family, great musicians.
  • 04:26 Lyrics The Girl with the Sun in Her Hair

    The GIRL with the SUN in her HAIR

    Earl Usry



    The girl with the sun in her hair

    Is dancing by moonlight.

    The girl with the sun in her hair

    Is dancing late tonight.

    Way back behind her village,

    A frozen pond, the image,

    She dances with her skates on ice.


    The girl with the sun in her hair

    Moves round the pond with grace.

    She thinks she's alone in the night

    She never turns to face,

    The soul who waits patiently,

    And watches so intently,

    As she dances with her skates on ice.


    CHORUS              She glides by - moonlit silhouette

    Graceful pose - like a statuette

    Seems to float - as she races by

    Dancing with skates on ice...


    The man with the scar on his heart

    Keeps watching by moonlight.

    (He) can't keep his eyes off of her

    She spins and turns, so tight.

    He sees her bending, jumping,

    Faster the rounds she's making,

    As she dances with her skates on ice.


    The man with the scar on his heart

    thinks he sees cracks in the ice.

    Thinks he should warn with a call

    But what if she weren't nice?

    No more dancing by moonlight,

    No more dancing late at night,

    No more dancing with skates on ice.




    The girl with the sun in her hair

    Is dancing still by moonlight.

    The man with the scar on his heart

    Keeps her still in his sights.

    Way back beyond those foothills,

    On ponds frozen and set still,

    She dances with her skates on ice.


    They're dancing now by moonlight,

    They're dancing so late at night,

    They're dancing with their skates on ice.

  • 03:22 Lyrics Alexandria


    Earl Usry


    Alexandria you’re sharp tonight

    And the show you put on, what a sight

    But it’s the promise you keep

    That knocks me off my feet


    I can remember the day we met

    Would expect me to ever forget it?

                The way you looked at me

                A butterfly, took me to my knees



    Alexandria, Alexandria, Alexandria, Alexandria


    You‘re making moves on a crowded dance floor

    I see you look at me, do you adore?

    The way I sing my song

    Or have I got it all wrong


    I see you sittin’ with your friends tonight

    I hear you’ve looked again, I must be right…

    The time is now for me

    To say hello, see if you’re free



  • 07:48 Story Lyrics Don't Get Caught


    Earl Usry



    We saw her walkin’ across the room,

    We could see she laid it on the line.

    I said to Glen, “I see it in your eyes

    And I know you’re thinkin’ she’s so fine.”


    He turned to me, gave me a wink,

    The kind of thing he’d done before.

    But while he fooled with his guitar on break

    I parked my bass and hit the floor.



    I grabbed our mailing list,

    Walked straight to her;

    The same excuse I’d used so many times

    It had always worked before…


    But when I saw her

    Looking up at me;

    I felt my knees begin to shake

    And my ears began to roar…



    Don’t – get caught

    Tellin’ the lies you’ve told before.

    Don’t – get caught

    Don’t let this one walk out the door.

    Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t,

    Get caught again


    The band had always come first for me,

    My career was what I kept in mind.

    I dated girls but they came & went,

    Girls broke bands up all the time.


    But this one proved to be so different,

    Encourging when I'm on the road.

    And returning from a long road trip,

    The way she greeted me - how her love would flow.


    She'd meet me at the door

    Her arms round my neck,

    I'd look into those pretty eyes of hers

    Just before she kissed me on tiptoes.


    The take me by the hand

    Lead me inside

    That's when her beauty & her manner combined

    Oh yea, she was a perfect rose.


    Don't - get caught

    Tellin'the lies you've told before

    Don't - get caught

    Don't let this one walk out the door

    Don't, don't, don't, don't

    Get caught again.


    The years have come & gone, decades now

    And that Beauty still is by my side.

    Decided that I'd put the band on hold

    Took a job; oh but boy the ride!


    We lived together ten wonderful years

    And then she blessed us with our lovin' twins

    Now they're grown up & I realize she

    Gave me reward that only family wins.


    Still everyday

    When I come home from work

    She meets me at the door, those eyes of hers

    Smile as she takes me by the hand


    And then the kiss

    I've waited all day for

    Suddenly all the years just melt away

    And I'm back to where it all began


    Don't - get caught

    Tellin' the lies you've told before

    Don't - get caught

    Don't let this one walk out the door

    Don't, don't, don't, don't

    Get caught again.

  • 03:57 Lyrics Soon


    Earl Usry



    Soon, you’ll see               

    What a love can be like

    When it’s with me.

    I’ll never want for more

    You can believe me.                       

    There’ll always be a door

    If you should need to be free.


    Soon, you’ll know

    What it’s like to live a life

    With a man who loves you so.

    Commitment’s what I offer


    We can grow old together

    If you should feel the same.


    Soon, oh soon.  Soon, oh soon.


    Soon, we found

    What a life could be like

    With two (in love) around.

    We’ve lived a life together

    You and I.

    And I still see the light

    In your pretty eyes.


    Soon, oh soon.

    Soon, oh soon.

    Soon, oh soon.

  • 03:17 Lyrics Rachel


    Earl Usry



    E7        She’s the girl that he loves

    She’s his only one

    He met her back in college

    Turned his life into fun


    A7        Rachel    E7   Rachel

    B7        She became his school girl queen

    A7        They live a life that seems a dream

    E7        Rachel  Rachel    B7


    E7        I recall the little girl

    Doing cartwheels on the floor

    For years she was a gymnast

    And she could dance and dance some more


    Rachel – Rachel

    She became his school girl queen

    They live a life that seems a dream

    Rachel Rachel


    A7        She sometimes wears those tacky clothes

    E7        Puts on a silly pose

    A7        Always full of fun

    F#        But it’s your heart

    B7        She’s already won




    E7        And so he asked if they could marry

    Oh they would build a cozy home

    But while he was in school

    They could live in monochrome


    Rachel – Rachel

    ||:  She became his school girl queen

           They live a life that seems a dream

           Rachel Rachel :|| (3 x’s)

  • 04:51 Lyrics Her Life


    Earl Usry


    Riff:  Em

    Em                                 C                                            Em                   C  -  D

    You must have been a fool to think, you’d take my daughter

    Em                               C                      Em                   C  -  D

    You must have been, out of your mind

    Em                               C                                              Em                   C  -  D

    You see only the results – of the lovin’ years I gave her

    Em                                   C                  Em                   C  -  D

    You don’t see the little girl – that I know


    Am                                             F                                Am                              F  -  G

    Those were years of tears and laughter – and they showered down on me

    Am                  F                      Am                  F  -  G

    We filled our days with discovery

    Am                           F                                                  Am                  F  -  G

    I taught her what I knew – and with love I’ve dedicated

    Am                F                  Am              F  -  G      B  -  Em        

    The past 20 years of my life


                                        C                                          D/c                       Em

    CHORUS          Now you’re asking me to take her hand in marriage

                            C                                  D/c                         Em

    You’re asking me to give away my little girl

    C                              D/c

    And who are you? And what have you done


    To earn the right to ask me?

    F#                                                                    B7        Bsus

    Are you to blind to see her life has just begun?


    She has a plan for life – we both she will follow

    She’s put the work in – she’ll see it through

    Her passion for her work is as strong as the passion for her life

    And if you knew her you’d know – she’ll never marry you


    The day will come I know – and she will follow

    Her heart of hearts – she’ll be sure

    She’ll know when it’s right – she’ll know her heart & plans she’s made

    It’s she who’ll ask the man – to live a life with her


  • 03:51 Lyrics Empty Heart


    Earl Usry

    Summer 2017


    I sit alone at night

    And ask myself what happened

    We had held each other tight

    Now I wonder just to what end?


    There was a moon, it happened fast

    A streaking star and it was over

    If I could see her then I’d ask

    Maybe then I’d know what drove her


    CHORUS     You cry yourself to sleep

    (Cry yourself to sleep)

    Avoid the ones you meet

    (Avoid the ones you meet)

    You thought you’d won love

    But all you have left,

    An empty heart, and you know it best


    You get back on that train

    And travel down Love’s Corridor.

    Your heart may be blood stained,

    But you are Love’s true Warrior.


    CHORUS     You cry yourself to sleep

    (Cry yourself to sleep)

    Avoid the ones you meet

    (Avoid the ones you meet)

    You thought you’d won love

    But all you have left,

    An empty heart, and you know it best

  • 05:03 Lyrics Will Stand with You


    Earl Usry


    No one said this morning

    That we’d be in a foxhole tonight.

    They loaded us in Deuce & Halfs

    And slowly took us downrange for the fight.

    Now we sit in darkness

    Praying things just all work out alright.


    Recall when I was drafted

    Mom & Pop stood with me by the bus.

    As I said my goodbyes

    Both begged me one last time don’t make a fuss.

    They knew that I was stubborn

    And speaking out was something that I must!



    I will stand with you – I will see it through

    I could never stand to let you down

    I will stand you – and when this night is through

    You will see that I am still around


    I may now have the answer

    But you can bet your life I’ll think it through.

    Just because I’m army

    Doesn’t mean I’m military blue.

    But I will do my duty

    And you can count on me to stand with you!

  • 04:29 Story Girl with the Sun in her Hair Reprise
  • 05:07 Lyrics Stay True to Myself


    Earl Usry

    You’re taking the life from me

    I know where I stand

    There’s nothing that you can say

    When you’re with another man


    I’ve patiently waited here

    When we were in love, I’ve stopped time

    I’ve put my life on hold

    Knowing you’re with another man


    I’ve lived for the times we’ve had

    A love that is strong will endure

    But how can we go on

    When you’re with another man



    But life has a way of being good to us

    I’ll stay the course, I’ll be fine

    I’ll live a life that I know

    I can believe in

    Stay true to myself, like fine wine


    I stepped up and lived my life

    I’ve done the things – knew were right

    Time has rewarded me

    With the precious gift of full life


    The many things that I’ve learned

    The many things that I have done

    The gift of these memories

    A legacy I know I’ve earned


The album takes one on a journey of exploration through social and political values and their impact on relationships, love and family. Expertly written & performed, the songs are a fun listen that's addictive. You'll be singing along with a smile on your face as you contemplate the poetic lyrical content, and you'll want to play the album again and again. Truly a musical breakthrough.

Workin' da Bidness

by Usry & Sons

Released 08/26/2017
Periscope Recordings
Released 08/26/2017
Periscope Recordings
Their second album, featuring a social & political cartoon portrayal of Donald Trump, along with the social content & insights we've come to expect from Usry, as well as his love of family. Another Rockin' album with beautiful & thoughtful ballads.

Music's Our Bidness ...and Bidness is Bidness!

by Usry & Sons

Released 12/09/2016
EURL Records
Released 12/09/2016
EURL Records
A thoughtful blend of ballads & rockers, with harmonies reminiscent of the Beatles, and powerful drums & guitar work from two Monster Musicians. The music's great and the poetry may be better. A unique & exceptional band that makes one want to hear more.
Usry, a seasoned songwriter, poet, musician, vocalists & performer who played the circuit 20 years, has become a prolific songwriter with poetry of the caliber of Dylan. He's accompanied by his boys, monster musicians each who seem to understand exactly what is needed to enhance each song. It's a sound that is totally new and at the same time so reminiscent of the great Rock Bands.
Caution! Listening to this band is habit forming!