Usry & Sons

About the Band

Usry & Sons (U&S)


Usry is a seasoned songwriter, musician, singer & performer who organized his first band at the age of 14. He played the circuit through his school days and into college. Among the last to be drafted, in the final call, his college & his music career was interrupted July, 1972, and he served active duty two years. With an Honorable Discharge in his life's baggage at the age of 21, he re-entered college and restarted his musical career, again playing the circuit for ten years. At 31, after having met his future bride, he gave up full time pursuit of a musical career to accept a career with AT&T in order to provide stability and health insurance for his soon to be bride & himself. That was April, 1984.

Two years into his career with AT&T he received a call from Richard Foos, then president of Rhino Records. One of the cassettes of his original material he had sent out in 1982 & 1983 had found its way to Mr. Foos' desk, who liked what he heard so much that he tracked Usry down & offered him a recording contract,

"I really wanted to accept that offer, I had worked since I was 14 for that offer. But I was a month from closing on my first home, less than two months from marrying the love of my life, and I enjoyed my career with AT&T. I simply had to honor my commitments to my new bride, and so reluctantly declined Richard's offer," explains Usry. That was June, 1986.

Fast forward eight years and the couple is surprised with twins, March, 1994. Being an older father & well settled into his career, Usry delighted in being very active with his children, involving them in dance, music, biking, hiking, Indian Guides, gymnastics and baseball. He coached fall & spring leagues with his sun and was there with his daughter as she became a competitive gymnast & dancer, and active in all of their school endeavors. both played music, but while his daughter went on to become quite the scholar, his son went from piano to drums at the age of ten

"Mack excelled to an unimaginable level, just a natural," brags Usry. "Margaux remained so active in dance and on the oboe and piano, but she really excelled as a scholar, and now has a degree in Biology from an Honor's Program and about to go to Med School."

Mack's skill on drums earned him a scholarship to Berklee, but first he felt compelled to join the US Army for four years. He has now completed his enlistment and his first year at Berklee, and has decided to transfer to Georgia State, even though he excelled at Berklee.

"I very much enjoyed my year at Berklee, but I've developed a lot of interest, knowledge & skill in Computer Science & IT and wanted to pursue that, Besides, I missed recording & performing with Dad & Cody," explains Mack.

And how did this recording get started? Two years ago Usry's daughter found some of his old recordings on a cassette tape and had them digitized as a surprise for him. Hearing his old music again got him started, and he took Mack to the studio for the experience where they recorded two of Usry's songs written three decades earlier. That was June, 2015. Mack was home on leave and returned to complete his final year. After the studio sessions, Usry began writing again and became quite prolific, writing almost twenty songs during the next 12 months. When Mack completed his enlistment and returned home in May, 2016, Usry was ready to record new material, but wanted a soloists to join them. Mack knew the perfect match, his best friend for almost ten years, Cody Christian. They had played in band and Jazz Band together in school.

Cody, another monster musician, was already a highly skilled & accomplished guitarists. Joining Usry & Mack was a perfect fit, and the three began recording in June, 2016. By August, John Howcott, producer, was organizing their first album which was released December 9, 2016, thirty years after Usry declined his only opportunity to become a recording artist. The album became his debut album, 30 years late, and the boys debut album right on time.

Sit back & enjoy songs like Be My Lover, reminiscent of the Beatles with wonderful harmonies, Fallen Star, an up-tempo piece with a healthy dose of jazz. Hesitant Woman, another pop-rocker with more great harmonies and all of them with Mack's unique 
approach on drums that has you dancing in your seat, while Cody impresses with his guitar riffs, often unbelievable guitar riffs. Usry's solid & seasoned bass, keyboard & guitar parts blend perfectly with the boys, and his vocals are solid, moving melodies and interesting progressions, and poetry that causes one to think more deeply on a variety of subjects. He is an expert at turning a phrase, and his harmonies are thrilling & beautiful. The ballads are beautiful with touching poetry.

Usry has already written enough songs to record over eight albums now, and his writing is picking up speed. They're scheduled to release their second album, Usry & Sons II, Workin' da Bidness, August 26, 2017, and the third is scheduled for Oct first.

This band is unique and special, full of talent and with a sound that's addictive. Give it a try, you'll be grinning from ear to ear.